Away From Home, But Not Alone

When their daughter’s symptoms began to worsen and providers were struggling to identify the source, Katriona’s parents turned to PinnacleCare. Learn more about their story and how the family was guided – from a review of Katriona’s medical history,  to the elusive diagnosis, and to the ultimate treatment path that sent her on a path... Watch Now

Keeping Me Healthy and Saving Me Time

PinnacleCare has helped this busy executive with healthy living, including meetings with specialized nutritionists and time saving measures with other appointments. Watch Now

Global Medical Care for a Traveling Family

For a year-long trip around the world, this member tasked PinnacleCare with creating a set of resources for medical access and care for his family covering every stop along the way. Watch Now

Finding a Doctor Who Speaks Your Language

One member saw a dramatic difference between the two options that were given to her following an irregular Pap smear. PinnacleCare helped the member weigh her options and follow through with the best course of treatment. Watch Now

Going Above and Beyond for Our Members

A look at the array of services and capabilities that PinnacleCare Private Health Advisory offers its members, allowing these members to move forward with peace of mind and confidence regardless of the healthcare challenge that they are facing. Watch Now

Coordination & Access: The PinnacleCare Advantage

While many individuals may be well connected, that doesn’t mean they know how to handle the entire process of getting in to see top physicians and specialists when the need arises, including the collection of all pertinent medical records and total coordination of care. Watch Now

Second Opinion for Mother’s Breast Cancer

Rebecca’s mother had seen her local oncologist, but PinnacleCare helped her mother seek a more experienced opinion and treatment for her particular instance of breast cancer. Watch Now

Rediscovering a Healthy Lifestyle

One member believed that she was in need of an experience to jump start her path back to a higher level of health. PinnacleCare helped her locate a 10-day retreat that fit the bill. Watch Now

Elevated PSA Leads to Prostate Specialist Referral

PinnacleCare found a prostate cancer specialist in NY for one member with an elevated PSA, who took a new approach to the member’s condition. Watch Now

Proactive Approach for Busy Executives

PinnacleCare takes a proactive approach with this busy executive, coordinating his executive physicals and making sure that his appointments to maintain an optimal level of health are timely and consistent. Watch Now